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Citizen poetic,
I find deliberately astray,
You seem a being without having,
As if having didn’t pay,
Wild mystical enigma,
Is the state of your inside,
It has you even as I sing,
Devouring yourself alive.

With eyes of infinite affirmation,
To each their own black hole,
They glisten with free spirit,
And leak of radioactive soul,
Still something in their glow sings,
In melancholy keys,
The tune is of a mind gone diving,
Far too deep for me.

A discourse did ignite, two lanterns on a kite,
Cast out at darkness, to carry forth light,

As for me a place to be,
Is none but than right where I am,
Passing through in awe,
What commerce cannot understand,
You could too see through this worldview,
If you saw what yours ignores,
Please don’t be quick to think I’m lost,
For simply wandering these shores.

Just bathe your eyes in these soft ocean skies,
Of blue, purple, and pink,
And you will find in this sublime,
That there are worse places to sink –
Crass rat race, not to my taste,
Out from the rush I stepped with haste,
It gave me twisted faces,
Only here I find my grace.

A discourse did ignite, two lanterns on a kite,
Cast out at darkness, to carry forth light,

On the far side of the shore
Beneath a tree there sits a chair
Where I front every morning star
With questions God is meant to hear
Then later in the day
Like a mad Dostoyevskian clown
I chase my butterfly thoughts fragments
And try to write them down

A welcome cosmic accident
Of time and chance I trust
That we should meet this setting sun
Amongst all nature in the dusk
So come and join my meditations
Burning in the dew
Tonight I’d like to fight twilight
Inciting verse with you

A discourse did ignite, two lanterns on a kite,
cast out at darkness, to carry forth light,


from Tunes for Transition, released June 3, 2016
Written, performed, and produced by Samuel de Silentio.

Backing vox by The Andy Gibson Project, Andrew Doodson, and Gav Henderson.

Mixed by Gav Henderson.

Mastered by Rohan Laurence.



all rights reserved


Samuel de Silentio Melbourne, Australia

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